Riff Raff – Jody 3 Moons Song Lyrics

Hey everybody, this is the moon talking to you
I'm calling in from outer space, it's a pretty far distance
But I-, I figured I'd reach out and talk to you
This is Jody Three Moons talking to you
Now, there's a lot of problems in people's eyes
And there's a lot of bad things, and a lot of good things
Sometimes the bad things seem to outweigh the good things
But it's not always gonna be like that
There's some memories we can't get back
Some of the good cherished memories that we just can't remember
Where do they go?
This is the moon talking to you, it's the actual moon
I want you to be nice to everybody you're around
And it's okay to just go ahead and let them tears fall like waterfalls
Like Versace little rain drops
You close your eyes and you dream about a better place
This is the moon talking to you, simply the moon
Jody Three Moons, Neon Icon


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