Riff Raff – The Bloomingdales At Windshire Palace Song Lyrics

Ah-ah-hem, Ah-ah-hem Tinsley
I do say what a lovely evening we have thus forth
I've partaken in many feasts, but these festivities have been of the best
Ah! Miss Clementine how are you?
Yeah, oh it's a lovely day in jolly, jolly old Saint Pottersville
It's just moseying on downon down the epic trail of life, as opposed to the-
Nice Bloomingdales, how are they Bloomingdales? Ah! Ah, so- so pretty
Ah I appreciate it
Oh, I appreciate the wine you gave me last night it was quite-, it was the quite the fancy!
It was quite the fancy for me and the family
Oh just-, just a thick of a day
My grandfather just knitted some stockings!
Yes he did!
What is the moseying on? Let's go over here and have tea and crumpets
And just go back to over to our little cave holes
Just a poster for the breads, it's a two for one special here, y'see?
It's just a two for one special, it's just a big two for one
It's just a big stupid two for one special
I mean it is a ridiculous amount of two for one specials


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