Rachele Lynae – Two For One Special Song Lyrics

I'll get the tape, you get the rope
Don't forget your video camera

I'll go on ahead, you bring him down
Somewhere round a quarter after

I called him up, talked really sweet
He said he'd meet me there at the hotel

It'll be a wild night, but not the kind he likes
His twisted little heavens bout to turn into hell

He's going down
Watch out, it's out
We found out we've been his two for one special
So wrong
For too long, game on
We're gonna take him down a couple levels
His friends will find him there, tied up to the bed
With cheater tattooed to his forehead
We're done dancing with the devil
Heres your two for one special

So he was out with you when he was telling me
He was volunteering helping the homeless

And every Friday night, while he was kissing you
Thought he was playing poker with his friends

Oh he could charm the moon right out of the sky
Get you thinking you were so lucky

Well his luck has just run out
Cause karmas come to town
He'll know when he sees you and me that

No more cake and eat it too
No more me and no more you
We Won't be there to Scratch his itch
It's time that we teach him
Paybacks a bitch


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