Not Born Yesterday – If You Really Really Want Me To Hang Around Song Lyrics

If you really really want me to hang around
Don't make me wait and feel like a clown
Don't get with me and your friends, then put me down
If you really really want me around.

If you really really want me there,
Don't always expect me to share.
Some things I gotta say aren't meant for their ears.
Cause it might be stuff to help with your fears.

You're great and I know it.
But so am I, so just stow it.
No screaming, stomping or slapping.
Cause you know, I make it happen.

If you really really really really want me wit you
You gotta prove it by standing up for my issue.
You know I'm true, seven years is a long time
So don't please don't make me stand in line.

I'll take it in any orifice you like it
But ya gonna show me love, I'm not psychic
Up the butt, mouth or even up the nostril
If you treat me like your queen, it ain't so hostile.

One more thing before I go.
Them other girls yer doing might have ta go
If you doing them all you might get sick
And I know I wanna stay a healthy chick.


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