Lexia Allies – Extra Love Song Lyrics

(Verse 1)
There's no charm to be seated
But i find a way closer
To the way i almost dare to dream
Your so underneath to find the part it went
When you came closer till i find in
The inner outta peace
So i carry it across my back
You know how i feel about love
On love. Eatra love
But i knew so far one right away
That I'm back if you knew I'm smaller
But i have the time to be lucky
But now the bigger it gets me
How love. One love. Your love. Extra love
How love. One love. Your love. Extra love
(Verse 2)
Standing like friends thought we were magical friendship
The one i can't stay loved forever
Til i am broken in tears
So I'm walking near your door
Everything turns back to the floor
Then i am walking and moving comes your way
Mm. boy yeah
(Verse 3)
If you knew i had one try
And we are dancing to the beat of your heart
Maybe i had one time to be breaking
As I'm hiding til you can't find me
Like you even touch a shoulder
Catch your breath. Standing like real tonight


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