Boosie – We Gon Show The World Song Lyrics

I just wanna show the world
That I really do this shit
I really make quality of street music
Ain't no mistake this gotta be good
I just seen a lot
We gon' show the world
Definition of real shit my brother
You gotta feel this young hustla
We gon' show the world
Definition of real shit my nigga
You gotta feel this lil' nigga

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
I got my own voice (blessed)
Sing my own hooks (blessed)
Fresh face nice smile I got my own look (fresh)
I just like to make people happy (for real)
4 kids I just like being a good daddy
But I'm a gangsta and I rock shows (you ain't see my shows)
A people person so you know lil boosie got hoes
Damn hoes that's a figure speech
Get a lotta shit like that when you listen to me
This for my fans I love yall
Straight up yall a part/apart of me so when they hate
They hate up
Money keep a nigga going the better things
Man I take it to the bank I don't make it rain
But I'm fly like weezy
Plus the hood niggas man they believe me like jeezy
And I just like to have a good time
Hit the yo smoke one and put my life in my rhymes

We gon' show the world


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